Reunion with H&E

We met H&E in the central park zoo… thank you for coming over and hanging out with us. Also some pictures from the Brooklyn children’s museum that we saw yesterday.

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The crayola factory

Today we visited the crayola factory. Check it out.

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Us in New Jersey

Here we are, visiting our friends in New Jersey. We’re happy the E family let us stay with them and are showing us around a bit. Little Grandma came over to see us too. We had a Easter day complete with an egg hunt. Yesterday we were at the children’s museum in Philly.

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Busch Gardens

Yesterday we went to Busch Gardens and here are the photographic results

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Summer pictures

Well here are some of our summer pictures!

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Spring time

Spring time is here, some more pictures

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Where are the pictures of J

Well here they are! A selection of pictures from the last few months.

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Wacken Open Air 2010

Just a few pictures from Wacken Open Air 2010, you can meet interesting characters. A nurse is giving V a well needed injection.

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The Japan pictures

We’ve been back for a few weeks already, but here are our Japan pictures!
Thanks so much J & K for hosting and entertaining us. Will we ever forget having toast from the Winnie the Pooh toaster? I think not.

Look out J, something is about to fall on your head!

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Ice skating and a walnut

Now the weather is warming up, it’s hard to imagine this was really not so long ago.
Ice skating, close up of a walnut made with my dad’s microscope and most importantly lots of nice photographs of J.

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